I have to admit I'm excited. What to Feed Your Baby: Cost-Conscious Nutrition for Your Infant hasn't even hit bookstore shelves yet and the first printing has already been exhausted. So a second print run is already putting ink to paper.

Frankly, I think the reasons we're so successful this far are two-fold: 1) that the topic is important in terms of helping parents choose how to best feed their infants (providing nutritional value) while also do so in a manner that takes cost into consideration.

The second reason is that the reviews have been so incredible (and to me, reassuring that we've accomplished our goal of promoting healthy nutrition in a readable, accessible format). So of course, I want to again thank all those who worked on the manuscript -- they are listed in the book's forward.

I also want to thank those who reviewed the book, many of whom are quoted on the back cover. To have those I so admire and respect offer such thoughtful (and personally heartwarming comments) was beyond expectation. And their own prestigious accomplishments are understated. Jay Berkelheimer influenced national healthcare policy as President of the American Academy of Pediatrics, while also Medical Director of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Mel Heyman is co editor of the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. Jeffrey Hyams and Allan Walker are both coeditors of different textbooks in the same field. Kathleen Zelman is, among other duties, the Nutrition Editor of WebMD--and all of them have won numerous accolades and awards for their numerous contributions to the field. So the fact that they wrote such wonderful and powerful statements about What to Feed Your Baby doesn't just make me proud, it makes me ecstatic.