When i was training in pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition, we used to tell parents that the 4 main sources of gluten were: oats, whheat, rye, and barley. But as you've learned from our other blogposts and particularly the one on Good Grains for the Gluten-free Diet, there are other sources as well--and oats themselves contain gluten.

That's right. Oats are gluten free-unless they become contaminated during the milling, baking or processing. That's because most bakeries and food companies will either combine the two or use the same equipment to make their oat products (or they aren't focused on selling to the gluten-free families). Or they are small-scale bakeries with limited means to separate their oat and gluten-free grains from those that contain gluten.


So our resident dietitian has prepared a list of sources for you: (please feel free to comment if you have others to add). 

o Commercial oats (i.e. Quaker, Country Choice, McCann’s) are NOT gluten free.

o Canadian oats are NOT always gluten free.

o Gluten free oats are available.

§ Cream Hill Estates- www.creamhillestates.com

§ FarmPure foods- www.onlyoats.com

§ Gluten-Free Oats- www.glutenfreeoats.com

§ Gifts of Nature- www.giftsofnature.com